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Changes Hair Studios

28 years of Fabulous‚Äč

We are a 100% women-owned business, we pride ourselves in offering professional hair services in a elegant and relaxing environment.


Front desk Hours:

Call us to schedule an appointment.

Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm

Saturday          9:00am-1:30pm

Sunday            closed

For Hair That Suits You

Achieve your #hairgoals today with the help of Changes Hair Studios! Whether you are going for a simple and clean haircut or a grand and gorgeous hair style, our professional hair stylists can surely help you.

Come and visit our private hair studios in Tallahassee, Florida today and experience our satisfying services. Make sure to call us first to schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting you!

About Us

Changes Hair Studios is a modern and upscale salon located in a quiet office community in Northeast Tallahassee. We have been around since 1993, being one of the first salons ever in the area to provide stylists the option of having their own studio rentals and run their own business.

We are a 100% women-owned business, and we pride ourselves in offering hair services in a elegant and relaxing environment.

Meet Our Stylists

  • Christine Taylor, Owner
  • Vicky Lewis, Owner

  • Receptionists:
  • Adrianna Taylor, 
  • Alexis Bennett
  • Stylists:
  • Heba Sullivan
  • Johanna Dinkelman
  • Megan Kendler
  • Michelle Register
  • Dawn Brown

  • Diane Richerson
  • Kathryn Smith
  • Sandy Wurm
  • Lou Ann Bearss
  • Lynn Milner
  • Kathy McGarvey

Our Mission

Coming Soon

Discover Our Services